Josh Carothers knows his father, Jonathan, only cares about his hard-earned power and the family name. So when Josh makes what he calls ‘a couple of mistakes’, Jonathan is furious.

The first mistake costs Jonathan millions to keep it out of the press. The second is when he’s rebuffed by Isabel Bowman and loses his temper. To protect his power and name, Jonathan decides to use Josh's mistakes to control him, destroying their relationship.

Years later, Isabel, having earned a junior partnership at a Nashville law firm, decides to celebrate by doing some shopping at the mall. While there, she notices a handsome but self-conscious Navy recruiter at a college fair booth. She decides to ‘save’ him and introduces herself. She and Ragan Harris have lunch and exchange phone numbers, both hoping for the promise of new love.

Robert Bowman, Isabel’s father, has become a powerful senator and doesn’t like her dating someone in the military. It’s because of this dislike that Robert is open to Josh’s offer to help him destroy Isabel’s relationship with Ragan. His acceptance of this offer sets forth a chain of deceptive events that will forever alter the lives of the Carothers, the Bowmans, and Ragan Harris, with the biggest question being who will live or die?